Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Figures Are In...

Party time! About 350 of our townspeople came out Saturday night for our local Téléthon program. Proceeds go toward muscular dystrophy research... It's like the Jerry Lewis Telethon, but always on the first weekend of December. (Jerry's surely here in spirit.) Since we don't have many local stations here, these town-by-town events -- some 22,000 of them across France -- draw in the crowds.

There were karate kids flipping and spinning, girls and women of all ages dancing to Lady Gaga and Within Temptation, and a musical put on by high school kids featuring several other songs in English. We devoured a fabulous meal of couscous, a cheese plate, and an apple tarte, all catered by La Sauvagine, a top restaurant in town.

About 1,000 raffle tickets were sold, and when it was time to draw, I thought Ellie and Alex would explode with impatience over our six yellow slips. As the emcee got to one of the last prizes, I thought I heard it was some kind of ride in the sky (hot air balloon? helicopter?) over the Chambord castle. Next thing I knew, the emcee, who's also our fencing club president, was looking directly at our table. The winner was from our club... then he said our last name! In fact, it was a private airplane ride, two tickets to Chambord and two bowling passes. Yes!

Among the other Téléthon events here were a karaoke soirée, a toy sale, and a community walk with a circus theme. Organizers say the numerous activities raised a local total of about 7,500€. 

Our little town's got spirit!

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