Friday, December 10, 2010

Falling Out of Grace

I'm not such good friends now with my little car... as of yesterday. While I was loading groceries into the trunk, her hatch crashed down on my head. It gave me a pretty good headache that required 1000 mg of Doliprane (Tylenol equivalent) both in the afternoon and evening. I may be hard-headed, but that hatch was quite solid too, I assure you.

With the exception of our falling out yesterday, she's been quite a reliable car. The Renault Mégane's a common model here, especially in white, so as with our all-too-common gray Citroën Picasso, I must check the license plate or the back seat for my kids' grand désordre (mess) before trying fruitlessly to open someone else's vehicle.

We bought this 1996 model in 2006 from a coworker's mom. The woman had quit driving for awhile, and the car had just 18,000 km (11,200 miles), despite being ten years old. She's an automatic, a rarity here, and now she's got a whopping 62,000 km (38,500 miles) since I've trucked myself all over this department teaching English. Gas mileage is not the best for an unleaded car, and at today's rates, I pay $7.12* a gallon.

I guess everyone's got the right to be cranky once in awhile, and she's getting on in years. It'll be heads up for me (and all of us) from now on...

*1.42€/liter = $1.88/liter x 3.785412 to convert to gallons = $7.12. Source:

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