Monday, December 20, 2010

Big-Time Restraint Required

The Santas in the top of this display looked like they were singing in a choir, their mouths drawn open, carefully pronouncing each and every note... Or maybe I just wanted to sing, as I stood there gazing, mesmerized by these luscious desserts...

The critters and characters on the top row are all made from the almond confection called marzipan; the middle row consists of a variety of fruit tarts; and the bottom row....... well, the items on the far left are called Religieuses, a sort of stacked eclair, and they're heavenly. I'll quit here, because I'm not looking to torture anyone, and this is all making me want to head right back there for one of those feuilletines, the chocolate cake just to the right of the center. Steady, girl. Steady....

I left this shop with merely one 200-gram bag of truffles. It rests unopened, still in the fashionable black and white sack in which the clerk presented it. It's sitting under the tree... just waiting until I give it to my mother-in-law on Christmas Day.

No, really.  I'm serious.

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