Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Young Wine(r)

What's a French village without a wine shop?

La Cave Solognote has been in business downtown for at least two years, but I'd never had the chance to stop in until yesterday. Once inside, I started chatting with the owner about brownies though, not wine. Ellie immediately got antsy, and began her "When can we leave?" monologue.

"Honey, find me a good Bordeaux," I told her, teasingly, of course. But after a few uninterrupted minutes of my yapping, Ellie led me as I still blabbered, to a bottle of red. Château Tayac: Cuvée Réservée 2005, Côtes de Bourg, and in minuscule print Grand Vin de Bordeaux.

"It's 2005; that's a good year," she stated. I was both proud and mortified. Apparently, she's been paying way more attention than an eight-year-old should at some of our formal French meals. But this is La France, and wine is serious business.

As I was paying, the shop owner reminded me to uncork it two hours before serving, then said to Ellie, "It's got to be good now; she'll tell everyone you chose it."

Actually, there's no pressure on her, but I will let you know how it goes over when we share it at Thanksgiving next week...

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