Sunday, November 21, 2010

You Are What You Eat

So, what does that make you if you tuck into some donkey sausage?

This flavor of sausage is actually quite popular here. At our downtown open air market this week, I bought four links for guests coming both this weekend and next. I asked the vendor what some of the most popular ones were and chose among those: Comte (a hard cheese from Eastern France), sanglier (wild boar), Cepes, a variety of mushroom, and, of course, the saucisson à l'âne, donkey sausage.

I'd planned an inset photo here, but just discovered that somebody snitched part of one of the sausages. You can only guess which one, so let's just say if that old adage is true, I'll need to be watching the guilty party's behavior today... That particular sausage was about half eaten...

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