Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vegas, Bébé!

Odds are the person at La Française des Jeux who got to choose the theme for these tickets was a fan of a certain programme américaine.... Yes, that teeny-bopper 90's show Beverly Hills, 90210 made it here too, but Brenda and Brandon have apparently grown up. Check out youtube for "Vegas Palace: Brenda, Brandon et Nougatine" the bored pony... Brandon is a J.R. wanabee with loads of bling, and Brenda is his 30-something, effusive wife...

Incidentally, there's no such zip code in France. The closest one, 90200, belongs to eight towns... Zip codes here aren't exclusive to one town. Being in the Franche-Comté Region, they're about as far from Rodeo Drive as you'll find--rural and non-commercial... Rolling hills, not Beverly Hills...

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