Friday, November 12, 2010

Taking the Bridge

Here, when a holiday falls in the middle of the week, people often fait le pont, or "make the bridge," as they call it. It means they take an extra day to make a long weekend. Since yesterday was Armistice Day and it fell on a Thursday, many public offices will be closed today; many private company workers will take the day off. Vacation planning must be done with care to ensure you're not missing out on a chance for a four-day weekend! In my husband's case, his entire company is closed.

Last week, our schools opted to come back a day early from the 10-day fall break break and have school on Wednesdays for once. School's not usually held on Wednesdays here in preschool and elementary. This was so the kids could "make the bridge" in May when Ascension falls on a Thursday. Yet, for some bizarre reason, they're in school today. No bridge for them. The stores will likely be hopping today with parents doing Christmas shopping... like us.

The local tax office, pictured above, is shuttered today for the long weekend. Last week, when November 1, All Saint's Day, fell on a Monday they were also closed on Tuesday. Not sure what that's called... "extending the bridge," perhaps?

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