Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sparkling Clean?

Yesterday morning, I found one of these little golden sparkles on my son's forehead. We've finally gotten rid of the lice, and now we've got another enemy on our hands... table glitter.

Décorations pour la table is a serious business here. We've got a book, Recevoir (Receiving), that covers creating your own floral centerpieces, proper seating arrangements and correctly placing the crystal stemware. If this down-to-the-last-detail book would only offer expert advice on removing miniscule gold hexagons from the plastic tablecloth. And from the stairwell, the front door, the chairs, etc...

It was my son's first communion, so I wanted to do it up special for him, and these little glitter packets are popular here... We've got angels, reindeer, Christmas trees... But the bigger ones hadn't glued themselves to everything in their path.

I've got some for today's (belated) Thanksgiving Day meal... sparkling burnt orange hexagons. I haven't decided whether or not we'll set them out. I'm thinking they might be easier to shake off the white cotton table cloth I plan to use. And perhaps we could use a less enthusiastic quantity.

Once again, this bit of advice is not offered in Recevoir.

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