Monday, November 15, 2010

Playing the Fool

I always thought Tarot cards were only for fortune tellers who sat in dimly-lit rooms, peering over crystal balls, etc... But here, they're for serious card addicts. Sunday afternoon disappeared in a flash as I lost pitifully to three of our friends...

I was raised playing other trump-based games like Whist, Spades and Hearts. But Tarot's played with a special 78-card deck that includes a separate trump suit. I won't explain the rules here (see Wikipedia), but I will say it's quite a game of twists and turns. Just when I'd think I was going to win a hand, I'd find myself doing something really stupide; I need many more long afternoons to get this game down. It would've helped if I'd read all the rules online first in my own language. I finally understand how a certain card should be played to my best advantage. This excuse card (far right, above) is called the "fool" in English. So now, I'm playing the fool... correctly.

I've yet to win in Tarot, and yesterday my lofty goal was simply not to come in last. My husband and I battled it out to the end for this spot; finally I triumphed. I won't tell you his score since he reads this blog, but you can imagine how splendidly things went for us since my score was minus 200....

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