Monday, November 8, 2010

Half Day o' Homeschooling

My kids attend French public school, and today Alex's teacher is sick... It's rare to have last-minute subs ready to go in these circumstances. We're told at the gate by another teacher, and a quick round of negotiation takes place among parents. "I can take Marie 'til noon, if you take Hugo this afternoon," etc... For parents with no other options, kids sit in another class, but usually with little instruction. It's total Dullsville.

So, this morning, it was cooking school with mom... chicken tarte with green beans wrapped in ham. After that, some idiot box science classes: C'est Pas Sorcier (this expression means "it's not rocket science") and Il Etait une Fois la Vie, a.k.a. Once Upon a Time... Life. BTW: If you find the latter online, beware of biology lessons offered in these cartoons that may result in many questions from your small children....

Ellie came home for the two-hour lunch break with big news: a sub had been found, so Alex has been summoned back! She was quite pleased to inform him.

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  1. BTW... no offense meant to moms and dads who do -real- homeschooling!


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