Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Fishy Story

At lunch one day, the kids were noting how often I buy salmon with bones in it. Then they informed me that it said right on today's package: sans arête. Good job, mom--without bones. All this time, I'd thought sans arête meant without stopping--never been frozen. With the price of salmon, I'd avoided that packaging many times. I thought I'd be paying less, so I didn't care if my fish had seen the inside of a freezer.

I should have noted the spelling. "Stop" is spelled arrêt. I knew that. I explained to the kids that I thought bones were os. No mom, fish bones are arête. Once again, they got a good laugh... Mom has so much to learn. (It's tough raising bilingual kids when they're far ahead of you in one of the languages.)

With the kilo and euro conversion, this works out to $11 a pound. I've seen higher priced salmon, but still I think it's steep... I mean, how far is it to Norway from here??? 

These days, we have salmon once a week. The kids tell me they look forward to coming home for what's become our traditional Monday lunch: grilled salmon, mashed potatoes and garlic green beans. 

And, of course, mom's always good for a laugh or two...

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