Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dishing It Out

This is the aftermath of our Sunday afternoon déjeuner. French meals always include an overabundance of cutlery, dishes and glassware. Each course gets a separate plate. Fortunately, most of our stuff can go straight to the dishwasher, even the Limoges fine porcelain. It takes at least two loads, so the dishwasher got a major league workout Sunday night, as did the delicate hands of this poor blogger.

On the menu:
Milles feuilles de saumon fumé avec sa sauce à l'aneth, champagne et pointes d'asperge
Moussaka de confit de canard en béchamel de fois gras avec sa sauce au Bordeaux et aux figues
Pommes de terre au gratin
Plateau de fromage avec Comte et Tomme Noir
Milles Feuilles pour dessert

In English: a "thousand layer" salmon appetizer with a dill sauce, champagne and asparagus tips, moussaka with duck in a sauce featuring béchamel, fois gras, Bordeaux wine and figs (photo below), potatoes au gratin, a cheese platter with Comte from far eastern France and Tomme Noir from the Pyrenees. The dessert was a "thousand layer" cake with alternate layers of vanilla creme and puff pastry and vanilla and chocolate icing...also called a Napoleon.

Normally, I will include just one photo per day, but today's an exception. The chef is also tech support, so he'll get to include his creative input from time to time...

We'll all be fasting now for the rest of the week.

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