Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Coldest Place in France

This bonhomme de neige is the creative work of our local grocery store's staff. They crafted him after shoveling out the parking lot yesterday. We're dealing with record breaking snowfall here for November. Three to 5 cm were predicted; we got 20. Thousands still have no electricity, and more snow's predicted for tonight. Nearby Orléans, with minus 14 Celsius (7 Fahrenheit), registered as the coldest place in France this morning.

Having lived in New York, Massachusetts, and Switzerland, none of this is all that unusual to me. What's different for me as an American is the school cancellation system. It's not an all or nothing deal -- open or closed; it's class by class. Under this system, at least it's not a wash for everyone. My kids' teachers live nearby, so we were pretty sure they'd go. The school sent home a note yesterday saying some teachers may not be able to get here. When we arrived this morning, four out of five had succeeded -- like yesterday. Just not the same four.

Since most kids walk, there are no school buses for this age here. A few parents live far enough out that they must drive. We likely won't see those kids for a few days.

Alex's field trip to a museum downtown was canceled, but he's got his pique-nique lunch. And cafeteria service was assured for Ellie, so I was going to be huddled up solo for the day. Then I realized a teacher friend wouldn't be able to get to work, so I invited her for lunch. Her journey is a 20-km trek along a curvy, woodsy back road, so her students are getting a free day...

But since they might not have electricity back on yet at home, it's not sure to be a pique-nique for them....

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  1. Hi from the "teacher friend" you're talking about above !


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