Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Cake Worth Singing About

This is my favorite French cake, the Opéra... several layers of heavenly chocolate, almond sponge cake, rum and coffee. It's got plenty of the most essential vitamins B and C.... butter and cream.

The sponge cake is called joconde. If this word is vaguely familiar, that's because La Joconde is what the French call The Mona Lisa, and the cake is named for her. Its exact origins are disputed; some say it was named for the Paris Opéra House in the 1930s. Many agree it was made famous by the Paris bakery Dalloyau.

While researching this cake online, I found a recipe in English (, and plan to try it soon. It says it takes two hours of "active" cooking. Yikes. If it looks anything like this photo, I'll share my results here. And if it tastes anything like this one did, you'll find me stowed away on the 3rd floor with a large fork and gigantic glass of milk, along with a nice thick book...

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