Friday, October 29, 2010

My Head's Not in the Sand

Some days I have to face the truth that my kids' tastes are nothing like my own. They are half French, after all... On this day, we visited Autruches de la Saudraye, a farm in Guidel, on the Atlantic coast. We sat glued as this adorable baby ostrich hatched, then all the kids were allowed to hold it or pet it. So, when we went a few minutes later to the gift shop, were they horrified at my husband's offer to try ostrich paté?  Non-- no problem. They didn't bat an eyelash before we heard a resounding "oui" from each of them...

Incidentally, ostrich in French, is autruche, not to be confused with Autriche, that big country about eight hours' drive from here.... Austria...

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